City police along with the Railways police have arrested 16 illegal Afghan nationals including 15 children near the general bus stand of Hafizabad on Wednesday.

According to police source, Hayatullah, a resident of Mansehra, was taking 15 Afghan children aged between 12 to 15 years from Rohri to Rawalpindi on Pakistan Express but they got down from the train at Hafizabad railway station and ran towards the bus stand. On this, the railway police got suspicious and along with city police chased them and caught them near the general bus stand. When questioned Hayatullah failed to provide any identity or legal document. However, the police have arrested Hayatullah, Javed, Gul Khan, Abdullah, Islam Khan, Usman Khan, Hadayatullah, Ismatullah, Zabtay Khan and others. On search valid railway tickets from Rohri to Rawalpindi were recovered from their possession. Why they got down at Hafizabad station when they had tickets for Rawalpindi has further made their movement suspicious.

During interrogation Hayatullah told the police that he had brought these children from Haripur and wanted to smuggle these children to European countries. A case has been registered against them accordingly and further investigation is in progress.