Islamabad -  The commuters particularly women are facing problems at Zero Point Interchange (ZPI) due to absence of bus stops and sheds. Commuters are forced to wait for buses and mini vans while standing on the roadside during the rains and severe weather conditions due to the absence of proper bus stops and sheds. Tehmina Begum, waiting at Zero Point bus stops said “We, the commuters have been demanding a proper bus stop with shed.’’

However, no one has paid attention to our need. The situation is very distressing especially for senior citizens and women. There is no place to sit”.

Maheen Aamir, a commuter at zero point bus stop said that she always wait on footpath or the roadside for transport due to absence of proper bus stop and sheds.

She said in the summer season it becomes more difficult for the commuters to wait in the scorching heat without sheds.

Commuters from various localities have the same complaint about the absence of any such facility and the situation would further aggravate in summer season when they would be subjected to scorching heat and sun.

The commuters demanded civic body to install sheds and make proper bus stops.