College teachers have been deprived of up-gradation of basic pay scales, time-scale promotions, scholarships for higher studies and qualification allowances. In 2006, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz announced one scale up-gradation formula for teachers in public universities and colleges. In 2010, the then prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gillani, announced up-gradation for all teachers, irrespective of school and colleges, but the Higher Education Commission approved the policy of up-gradation for university teachers only, by offering them one grade higher than their existing grades.

Primary, secondary and higher secondary school teachers and teachers working in federal government colleges and model colleges have been given time-scale promotions whereas college teachers have not be allowed to benefit from even the time-scale formula. University teachers are given government scholarships for MPhil and PhD programmes in local and foreign universities and also provided with MPhil and PhD allowances. On the other hand, college teachers are neither allocated funds for scholarships nor do they receive MPhil and PhD allowances. The nature of job of university, school and college teachers is similar. To dispossess college teachers of their fundamental rights is illogical and unjust.


Sindh, March 6.