Through your esteemed newspaper I would request both the PM and the Interior Minister to intervene and bring justice to citizens of Pakistan who applied for plots in 1989, through balloting in E-12/4. Those who were successful were issued a letter, dated 14 October 1990 for Allotment of Residential Plots. Even after 26 years, many are waiting to get possession and own a plot in Islamabad. It seems neither the establishment nor the parliament is concerned over these injustices meted out to law-abiding and taxpaying middle class citizens. Many have passed away waiting, and it seems that the real estate mafia has dominated CDA too.

They should all remember that on the Day of Judgment, these citizens will hold every PM, President, chairman CDA and all members of parliament, who have held public office since 1990, responsible for this misdeed, because in the interim period, thousands of members affiliated with ruling elite, paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy were allotted plots, given possession and have even built houses. It is such a gross injustice by state-owned institutions, which drive people to desperation and give rise to extremism.


Islamabad, March 6.