Well things happen, moments change you. Imagine on your way back, the weather was so fine; the roads seemed like home, music and whatnot. It was pretty much close to perfection. You start making these grand plans for your future when the traffic signal turns red, suddenly you see a funeral procession, and it changes your chain of thoughts. It was one of those moments that make you look up towards the sky.

It makes me sad. How unexpectedly tragic this world is. And how each one of us has our eyes shut to the very reality that it will all end. That each one of our struggles and fights will end up into ashes and dust. It amazes me how we keep falling in love and keep making enemies.

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam? People are in a hurry to reach their destination so much that they drive themselves into each other and then waste another half an hour sorting the mess out. Even in those traffic jams the clock keeps on ticking and life slowly evaporates with every tick.

In the rush of the shopping malls, in the parks and grounds, in the libraries and homes, we all are moving towards the end. We live in such a remote and unexpected world, that sometimes planning for the next 30 seconds seems stupid.

And yet we keep wrapping our heads around trivial thoughts and petty innuendos. Relatives’ drama, friends fighting over things that don’t matter, having arguments with parents that will seem useless in another 30 days, trying to get back at your sibling to equal the score, just trying to be mean to the person who is mean to us, maybe he’s mean because life had been hell for him… sometimes judging someone as “bad” because they look unacceptable to us. But, in all this noise, silently, life is passing by.

When you see the bigger picture, you feel so small and it’s almost like you have just started to crawl and somehow have ended up with so many regrets and mistakes already. Because maybe we keep imagining time as an infinite dimension and life as forever. It is all going to come to an end.

Tell your parents you love them. Say sorry to the person you did wrong, or the one you disappointed, or the one you left hanging. Forgive that someone who has been waiting on the reply to that apology, forgive the one who had disappointed you, or broke your heart, lied to you or made a mistake. Because maybe you will regret it later on, clear the register, clean the slate before the time escapes you or before they give up on you!

Say something to that person who has been waiting for your text message.

If you’re in love with your wife or husband, maybe tell them that “hey, I am a little bit in love with you.”

Swallow your pride. Apologize. Tell them you love them, tell them they matter, tell them the truth. Say something.