The Pakistan Madressah Education Board  (PMEB) that works under ministry of religious affairs held its meeting Wednesday after a decade. As per the ordinance the board must have to meet twice a year. The last meeting of the board had held in 2004.

The meeting reviewed the performance of three schools being run in Islamabad, Karachi and Sukkur under the administrative control of Pakistan Madressah Education Board.

Chairman PMEB Dr Amir Tauseen briefed the meeting about the board functions and performance. It was revealed that in past years financial embezzlements occurred in the board and whereabouts of Rs 52 million in the accounts of board remained unknown.

It was also shared that the board had 150 employees on its strength but 80 of them were still working on ad hoc basis and no efforts were made to regularize them. The officials pointed out that the board even could not draft curriculum for its 3 affiliated Madressahs wherein students were enrolled for 6 to 12 years of education. To award scholarships to the students budget was allocated but the students were denied the facility, informed one of the officials.  

Presiding the meeting Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith

Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf expressed dismay and anguish on the overall performance of the schools being run by the Board and vowed taking measures to improve the performance of model schools working under the administrative control of PMEB.

The minister formed a committee under Joint Secretary Noor Zaman to probe the matter and report back within two weeks. The officials also pondered over status of the board that remains unclear in the light of 18 Amendment and its budget issue may arise as departments of Zakat have also been devolved to the provinces.

The officials decided to establish three more model religious schools in Multan, Quetta and Peshawar.

The meeting also proposed to change the name of Pakistan Madressah Education Board as Islamic Education Commission. The meeting was informed that over 500 Madaressah want affiliation with the PMEB for that the affiliation process would be initiated soon. It would be held enhancing the capacity of the Board.

The minister vowed to improve the performance of the board and improving its administrative affairs. He said that the measures would help improving educational standards and overcoming extremism, sectarianism and terrorism from the country. He that said the religious schools should work on line of Imam Hatip schools of Turkey.