The best and the worst part about World Cups is that it gets absolutely everyone involved. What I mean by that is that even people who do not follow cricket end up watching almost every match. It's good because you can share the joy and happiness and excitement with everyone around you. The bad part is that people who do not know much about what has been happening in the game for the past four years become expert critics. However, in a way one can say that these people get to watch the best part of cricket. This World Cup team performances and individual performances have surpassed any World Cup before. Three times teams have crossed the 400 mark. Gayle scored a massive double century. De Villiers scored the fastest 150. Sangakkara has made four consecutive centuries. Southee took 7 wickets and Starc took 6 both in the same match. We have had some remarkable performances. These types of performances are not seen on an everyday basis and you can only expect this to happen in a tournament like the World Cup. So much has already happened since the start of the cup that it will give those people who will stop watching cricket after the tournament ends, enough to talk about for the next four years.

–Shaan Tahir