Two separate agreements worth $188 million were signed in Islamabad on Wednesday to support implementation of governance reforms and improve the irrigation systems in Sindh.

Muhammad Saleem Sethi, Secretary Economic Affairs Division, signed the financing agreements on behalf of Government of Pakistan while the Special Finance Secretary and Secretary Irrigation Department, Government of Sindh signed the project agreements on behalf of Government of Sindh. Rachid Benmessaoud, Country Director World Bank, signed the agreements on behalf of the World Bank.The projects signed included “Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project ($50 million)” and “Additional Financing for Sindh Water Sector Improvement Phase-I Project ($138.00 million)”.

The development objective of the Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project is to strengthen public sector performance in the province of Sindh through improved revenue generation and expenditure management.

The project will result into: provincial reforms plans for (i) financial management and procurement and (ii) revenue mobilization-these plans will provide a vision and road map for the Govt. of Sindh as its pursues its governance reforms over the next five years. The additional financing for Sindh Water Sector Improvement Phase-I Project is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation water distribution in Gothki AWB (Area Water Board), Nara AWB and left bank AWB, particularly with respect to reliability, equity and user satisfaction.

The project has following components: community development and capacity building, rehabilitation and improvement of irrigation drainage systems, management plan for major irrigation and drainage infrastructure, monitoring and evolution of project impact, environment management framework and social impact management framework and project coordination, monitoring, technical assistance and training.