The management of the National Bank of Pakistan has stopped increase in the pension of its retirees from the last five years. Every year more than eight thousand pensioners desperately waiting for release of increase in their pension, but their expectations are turned down hopeless. The lethargic attitude of the bank President is not understood. The pension amount of the poor and aged pensioners is freeze at its initial stage. This condition of freeze amount has fallen them into miserable financial condition with special reference to the class of pensioners who were retired in-between the period 1999 and 2003 and suffered badly with rigid retirement policies of the bank. The previous record reveals that bank had hardly granted increase in pension after a break of two and three years.

The present price hike of daily utilities has put them into a miserable condition by which they neither meet their domestic requirements or treatment of chronic deceases within merge amount of pension.

Many time the door of the President of the bank was knocked through various letters, medias, and regret to say that no attention was made by him to this issue.

In the year 2010 a class of the pensioners after finding no remedy by the bank President had knocked the doors of the Apex Court for pray of some pensioner benefits including annual increase. In a recent news report, the Apex court has decided that the case in favor of Petitioners and directed the bank Management to release the pension benefits to the retirees within two months. The management instead to comply the instructions filed appeal in the Intra Court to defend the decision. This state of action of the bank will last further many years and poor and aged pensioners will not be able to avail increase and other pensioner benefits in their life.


Lahore, February 19.