While mullahs have been given liberty to set the direction of both the sate and the society due to the religious character of the Constitution, the government look towards them as to what to teach the children and how to deal with the neighbors. These were they, who put their seal on the feudal structure of the society by issuing decrees against land reforms. While these simplistic souls have been subject of the politics of the status-quo forces (financial wizards, landlords, tribal elite), their frustration vis-à-vis non-imposition of rule in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is also being exploited by our enemies, near and far. America has ‘successfully’ tested their resolve to wage jihad against infidels. Is it not the time to end the whole of saga of insanity by depriving the right-wing groups the chance to be used as strategic assets by anti-people forces at home and abroad? How can Pakistan  move forward if the people whose real task are to promote wisdom and engage in social work, are being unnecessarily dragged into marshy terrain of politics? Innocent youth whom their poor parents send to seminaries, for the sake of food and shelter, don’t deserve to be transformed into suicide bombers or sectarian killers. Remember, you can’t send army to barracks if you are not willing to confine mullah’s role only to social work.


Islamabad, February 19.