There has of late been media speculation that the Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif’s tenure of service will be extended but recently he rubbished all the reports by stating that he was not interested in getting extension. He however reiterated his resolve that he would go to any extent in his relentless effort to eliminate terrorism from the country.

Gen Raheel Sharif is one amongst the Army Chiefs who stands tall and is being lauded by all, across-the-board, for his principle stand, as well as his leadership role towards stemming out terrorism. The launching of all-encompassing operation “Zarb-e-Azb” and gains achieved thereof have brought highly positive and productive results. The achievements have not only helped garner support of the international community, but it also resulted in forging unity and bringing consensus at home, though there is a lot more to be do done yet.

The Zarb-e-Azb operation was launched in June 2014, which has succeeded in eliminating around 3,500 terrorists. Over 1,000 terrorist hideouts have been destroyed while huge piles of arms and ammunition have been busted. According to latest figures released to the press 2,763 terrorists have been killed and 1,000 arrested during the last one year. Overall a 90 percent of the North Waziristan area has been cleared while the remaining 10 percent is supposedly going to come into mainstream administration very soon. Amongst the 30,000 personnel taking part in this large-scale operation, 347 have embraced martyrdom while 947 got wounded.

Gen Raheel Sharif’s announcement of taking no extension in his service tenure represents the strength of not only his mother institution he belongs to but also the democratic institution of the country.

There is always a difference of opinion and some political leaders must be looking for their own interests, trying to defame the efforts and achievements the armed forces made towards fighting terrorism and defending the country. There will always be some political leaders with their own interests portraying everything is hunky-dory with having their own agenda set. The main thing that we should recognize General Raheel Sharif remains or not the fight against terrorism will go on in this regard we should not forget about the achievements made by the Pak Army.We need to follow the rules and regulations according to Army law and the command structure intact.

We should learn from the past regarding civil-military relations and try to be careful for whatever action we take rather I feel it is too early to talk about it right now we should be concerned how to deal with terrorism as a whole and give courage and support to the Armed Forces and its not only the duty of our armed forces to fight for this cause even we all of us being a nation should come forward and play our part for whatever little we can do to bring the whole society in peace and fight for our cause we should set an example for others to see that we support our armed forces for their fight in terrorism and it shows that the institution remains committed to their cause with or without the present Army Chief by giving his decision he has made it clear that national interest is of paramount importance and that will be defended at all costs and we should as a nation be united and stand by his word with confidence.


Peshawar, February 19.