This is in reference to the PM’s statement, condemning the terrorist attack on one of most revered shrine located at Sehwan labelling it an attack on Quaid’s Pakistan. It is time that such rhetoric outcry following incidents in which hundreds of Pakistanis lose their live is replaced by concrete steps to restore vision of Quaid and his doctrine that Pakistan should be a modern welfare state, where cancer of corruption and bribery is dealt with an iron hand, not regularized through plea bargains. 

There is not a single precedent during tenure of numerous military ‘juntas’ and elected civil government where a high-profile criminal involved in embezzlement of billions has been punished. Mere enactment of laws and creation of anti-corruption organizations such as NAB headed by men with controversial background are mere eyewash. Laws which are not implemented are not worth, the paper on which they are written. The myopic self-serving vision of tyrannical military juntas like Zia and Musharraf who in their desire to seek strategic depth beyond our geographical border gave sanctuary to private militias who now have turned back like Frankenstein and aim to create their own strategic depth within our geographical boundary, poses biggest threat to our existence. Mere physical elimination of thousands without destroying nurseries where they nurture and providing education, health and employment opportunities to most deprived, there can be no permanent solution. State land must be allotted to landless so that they can earn their livelihood instead of doling it to paid servants of state. 

While constitution states that no laws will be made, which are not in conformity with Quran and Sunnah, yet every government and state institution is hostage to their conflicts of interest, nepotism and abuse of power. Numerous Hadiths state that “In your wealth there is an obligation beyond Zakah” and during tenure of Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali it was elaborated that State to meet its need must levy taxes judiciously and kindly and not through oppression, yet every government has given tax amnesties to rich and affluent while resorting to indirect taxation that burden rich and poor uniformly. Without sufficient funds for health and education collected through direct taxation and curbing institutionalized corruption and flight of capital, Pakistan cannot fight and win war against terrorism. 


Lahore, February 20.