MIRPUR - Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Sunday emphatically said that consensus among all the political forces in AJK was imperative for the abolition of the AJK Council besides the much needed amendments in Act 1974 – the interim Constitution of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

"At this crucial stage, when serious efforts are being made for the full empowerment, all stake holders should play their supportive role to this direction," Farooq Haider expressed these views on the occasion of 30th death anniversary of K.H Khursheed, the former President of AJK on Sunday.

Farooq Haider Khan continued that political worker belonging to any party should be respected, we are proud that there was a Kashmiri who struggled in making Pakistan.

Jammu Kashmir Liberation league leader Manzoor Qadir Dar, ex-Minister Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Hanif Awan, Sheikh Aqeel ur Rehman, Zahid Akram Advocate, Gulshad Butt, Malik Munawar Awan and others also addressed on the occasion.

He stated that Khursheed Hassan Khursheed was a great politician and a noble person, "people like him are born in centuries," he said.

Prime Minister also admired about the politicians who supported him, stating, that he was grateful to all the political leadership including Jamaat-i-Islami and PPP for supporting our endeavours to abolish Kashmir Council and Constitutional amendments.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir said that we should appreciate the people who always mention their identity as Kashmiris.

"K. H, Khursheed was the man of words whose work for Kashmir freedom of movement became history and always considered remarkable," Prime Minister maintained. He echoed that Kashmiris have the capability to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. PM AJK said that the new generation is unaware of history; it is our responsibility to apprise our younger generation about the history.

He said that we condemn the house arrest of Hurriyat leaders in Indian Occupied Kashmir including the massacre of youth and we express our solidarity with them. Prime Minister said that when K.H Khursheed died, he had only Rs 37 in his pocket.

"There are many people who did not have any penny before they came to power and became wealthy after being in power," he said.

He added that working with Khursheed Hussain Khursheed in the 1985 Assembly was the best period of my life, he used to exhort me specially.

He said that I am grateful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan who presided over the meeting regarding Constitutional Amendment and endorsed it according to the hopes and expectations of the Kashmiris.