It was regretful to see an ad in the daily Nation today by APNS, twisting the remarks of CJ regarding pre-pol ads in media at public expense. I am neither a lawyer, nor a political worker, but just an ordinary citizen of Pakistan.

CJ’s remarks should be viewed with prudence and not through the money coming to newspapers on account of big ads. If some party wants to highlight its achievements in a province or in Federal domain on account of a Govt established there, it must be done at Political Party expense. Contents of ad are appreciated for public awareness to facilitate selection of a candidate or a party, but spirit appears to be malicious. APNS & all media houses must accept such ads only if paid out of party funds. Public money is not there to be wasted like this.

APNS should avoid becoming another anti-Judiciary element and thereby avert damaging the constitutional segment of the state.


Karachi, March 9.