Quetta - Senior leader of Balochistan National Party (BNP) Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani has criticized the Balochistan government for alleged bargaining of public mandate and setting stage in Islamabad for selling-off its own senators.

How the provincial rulers would address public grievances in Balochistan when they were busy in bargaining, alleged the BNP central leader while addressing a gathering of party activists in Quetta.

“Senate is the most sacred institution which is the guarantor of prosperity and survival of our next generation, guarding the constitution, parliament and democracy. But unfortunately, people who prefer to sit in safe places rather than to visit their constituencies after the elections are being elected,” Lashkari said.

The BNP leader said once again the political workers were furious over the abduction of Dr Saeed Baloch from Bolan Medical Complex, and warned that law and order situation could not be improved with such extra-judicial acts.

“If Dr Saeed Baloch had committed any crime then he must be produced before court and whatever decision it takes should be implemented,” Lashkari said.

He said target killing of Hazara community had again been started to foment religious fanaticism in Balochistan which was aimed at lingering on the prevailing political crisis in the province.

He added that BNP would resolve the issue of domicile after coming into power.