MANSEHRA - A grandmother Sunday confessed before a court the killing of her daughter-in-law and two minors in Panjool Traida Mansehra.

According to the details, 65 years old grandmother Alim Noor Bibi while confessing before the court said that her daughter-in-law Zahida Parveen taunted her for contracting second marriage, then she shoved her on the floor and killed her by strangling her throat with drawstring. She said when her two minors started crying over the killing of their mother then she also strangled them with the muffler.

After confession before the court, Alim Noor Bibi was sent to jail for further investigation.  While addressing to a press conference Superintendent Investigation (SP) Mansehra Suleman Khan and Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Ashiq Hussain said that the accused Alim Noor Bibi has confessed before the court of Judicial Magistrate II Mansehra the killing of her daughter-in-law and two minors.

On Thursday March 8, Zahida Bibi, wife of Yousuf, and her two minors were found dead in Traida Syed Abad village of Shankiari Mansehra. The dead bodies of the three including mother Zahida Parveen, seven years old son Amir and five years old daughter Maryam found from the home and sent to Rural Health Centre (RHC) Shankiari for postmortem and were then handed over to their family.