ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly will take up the issue of the alleged discrimination against and humiliation of Pashtuns at the hands of the law enforcement agencies on Monday (today).

The calling-attention notice has been submitted by lawmakers, Shehryar Khan Afridi, Usman Khan Tarakzai, Imran Khattak, Asad Umar and Ali Muhammad Khan advocate.

In their plea, the MNAs had said that they wanted to invite attention of the minister for interior to a matter of urgent public importance regarding continued humiliation of Pashtuns of Pakistan at the hands of the law enforcement agencies on one pretext or the other.

It further said that a perception had been built and the Pashtuns had been treated as hardcore criminals in simple civil litigations and disputes.

The matter is causing grave concern among the public, the calling-attention notice said.

Pashtun leaders have been claiming that a negative image of the Pashtuns has been developed in the country, which has escalated the victimisation of the community.

This profiling has turned Pashtuns into an easy target for the military, paramilitary and every other law enforcement agency who pick them up without thinking about repercussions, they have asserted.

The Pashtun leaders have stated that Pashtuns have been portrayed as terrorists.

The PTI leader Asad Umar has stated that the profiling of Pashtuns is a serious issue.

He said the complaints were increasing and it was his observation too, that the profiling of Pashtuns as terrorists was increasing in the country.

Recently, I went to the Nadra for the renewal of national Identity cards for two of my voters, the Punjabi voter got the card instantly but the Pashtun was sent for unnecessary verifications and procedures, despite the fact that he provided residency and nationality proofs and was in possession of a card earlier, Umar said.

He said likewise, to show a terrorist, media always show a Pathan.

The PTI MNA said that the media too was perpetuating negative stereotypes about Pashtuns. He said that when a terrorist was shown in media, a Pashtun would be shown.

He said the manhandling of the KP Minister Shahram Tarakzai by the police was due to the same profiling of the Pashtuns.