“Real Madrid fans have to wear sunglasses while watching their team because this star-studded team of diamonds is just astonishing.”

–Ray Hudson

Few sports club have been as revolutionary as Real Madrid C.F – in merging both sports and entertainment. Today marks the anniversary of the club, which was formed in 1902. For Real Madrid, the unique selling point was to represent itself as a symbol of great grandeur in football. This it did, not only by the royal white uniform kit that it had but affiliations with the national capital of Spain. It then kept up this brand equity, by buying “Glacticos” – with Zidane, Raul and Ronaldo being some of the more famous and more recent members of such an exclusive brand. The point was to buy the best talent, in order to keep the royal brand image alive. This has resulted the club in breaking transfer fee records over time. As we move towards formalisation of sports in Pakistan, especially with the PSL’s formulation. More so, we will see certain brand symbols being built by the teams. Like Real Madrid, this will result in a unique following of the brand.