ISLAMABAD - President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday called for national unity for a ‘Charter of Morality’ and advised all segments of the society to express their differences while observing the religious and Constitutional limits to protect the society from moral deterioration.

In a statement issued here by the President House, the President expressed concerns over the growing trend of intolerance in the country, believing that such attitude would prove to be destructive for the country.

Such trend of intolerance would impact everyone, both individually and collectively, which could also turn the nation’s successes against terrorism into failure, he added.

He said that as the government was responsible to protect the life, property and dignity of every citizen, so the departments concerned must not show any laxity in providing the security to national leaders as well as the citizens.

He also warned the elements who turned the differences into hostility that such a behaviour would proved destructive for the society.

He said that unfortunately the young generation was not warned against the repercussions of this tendency of intolerance.

It would beget drastic consequences if both the government and all segments of the society failed to take preventive measures, he added.

He said that difference of opinion symbolised a healthy society but when those differences crossed the limits of decency, it turned dangerous and the country has been faced with the very situation today.

Such behaviour leads to suppression of moderate voice and the takes the society to chaos, he said.

Nobody including politicians, religious scholars and individuals would remain safe from the destruction if sense did not prevail, he remarked.

The President also feared that such a trend could also squander our decade long efforts against extremism and terrorism.

He appealed to all segments of the society including the politicians, common men and particularly media to forge unity against such a tendency of extremism.

President Mamnoon also appealed the political, non-political and religious segments to express their differences while observing the teachings of the religion and the Constitutional limits, otherwise, the social deterioration of the society would be inevitable in the country.