ISLAMABAD:Revolutionary poet, Habib Jalib , was remembered on the occasion of his 25th death anniversary on Monday .

Ceremonies were held across the country during which speakers and poets paid rich tributes to the revolutionary poet Habib Jalib who gave a new direction to the poetry and raised affective voice against the violators of basic rights of the people.

Jalib was born at a village near India’s Hoshiarpur on March 24, 1928. He migrated to Pakistan following the partition.

He was among the most well known poets in the country who openly criticised martial law dictators and expressed democratic views through his literary works for which he was imprisoned several times.

His social and political poetry addressed common people and issues, PTV news reported.

He is remembered as “Shayir-e-Awam” (people’s poet) and “Shayir-e-Inqilab” (poet of revolution) due to the rebellious nature of his poetry. Jalib used to captivate the audiences with his unique style of poetry reciting.

A great political and social activist of his time, some of his famous literary works include “Zulmat Ko Zia”, “Watan ko Kuch Nahi Khatra”, “Main Ne Uss Se Yeh Kaha” and “Aisay Dastoor Ko”.

“Dastoor” was written against ex-field martial General Ayub Khan in the 60s while he criticised former army chief General Ziaul Haq in his poem “Zulmat ko Zia” in the late 70s. He passed away on 12 March 1993.