KARACHI - A meeting of intellectuals, academicians and retired bureaucrats from Sindh was held last evening at conference room of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi which was presided over by Director, Academics, MAJU and Director & CTO, Aisoft Inc New York, USA.

During the meeting it was decided to establish Virtual University at Sindh to provide education through internet and other latest technologies to 80 per cent peoples of the country who are deprived off from education which is a fundamental right of every person. Dr M Mithal Vakasi, MD, FCCA of USA was appointed head of this on line education program.

The prominent personalities of Sindh who attended the meeting were included Dr Suleman Shaikh, Dr M Mithal Vakassi, Mazher ul Haq Siddiqui, Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Mohballah Shah, Shafique Parach, Usman Khatti, Baksh Ali Lakho, Wali Mohammad Roshan, Ghulam Ali Pasha, Dr Roshan Shaikh and Dr Zubair A Shaikh.

The basic objective to start this project is to make Sindh a knowledge society which produces knowledge waster for local and global market and to assist youths to acquire enlightened world view. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi will be the hub of this digital University and its president, Prof Dr Zubair Shaukh will be the overall coordinator of this academic program.

The speakers at this meeting that change in the society is reality of time, we need fast changes in absolutely novel way, never experience before.

The cyber space is new geography to navigate; technology is not only a tool, but agent of change and game changer. They also emphasized that with technology has come to the connectivity, which offers great opportunities as well challenges. The greatest opportunity is the reach to each other and access to flood of knowledge.

Speaking on this occasion, President, MA Jinnah University, Prof Dr Zubair Shaikh said that the purpose to call this meeting was to develop and prepare the nation to use internet and other latest technologies and to gain cutting age knowledge across the globe. 

He said that this university will be connected by leading Scholars and Philosophers of the world through massive on line courses which are being offered.

He said that  it is a great matter of satisfaction for us that one of the most Senior medical professionals  at  USA Dr Mithal Vakasi and Veteran Management Trainer, at New York, Dr Roshan Shaikh have thought about to establish a Virtual University in Sindh. He told that the University will have linkages with all leading Universities of America and all knowledge providers of the world.

He said that Dr Vikassi in this regard has established contacts with a leading teaching company in USA which has connections with over 700 world leading authorities who have developed various knowledge areas.  He said that this knowledge is being brought to this country, nation and province to establish a lifelong learning centre here.