Islamabad - Since March 2016, Mahera Sajid, mother of three, has been running from pillar to post in search of her missing husband for the last two years, but in vain.

Sajid Mehmood, an IT expert by profession and resident of Sector F-10 of the federal capital, has been missing since March 2016. Mahera Sajid has filed a petition for recovery of her husband.

Mahera in her petition has alleged that on the evening of March 14, 2016, Sajid came home when all the family members and Ameen Ullah Khan, a domestic helper, were present. Around 6 pm, when the domestic helper opened the gate to go out for an errand, he found 8 men standing outside, who immediately barged in. Some of the intruders were clad in black uniforms inscribed with the insignia “No Fear” which is usually worn by members of the Elite police force. Some amongst the uniformed men also had black facemasks. Rest of the intruders were clad in plain clothes which is characteristic of special police and intelligence agency personnel.

She said that after forcing their way into their home, the ‘kidnappers’ seized Sajid and took him out to their car. After that, for around 20 minutes or so, the intruders ransacked the house and took away computer equipment belonging to the family. They also took away Sajid’s wallet as well as the petitioner’s wallet during the raid.

A single bench of Islamabad High Court (IHC) comprising Justice Athar Minallah heard the petition and reserved judgment on February 2, which is yet to be announced.

During hearing of the petition, Justice Athar had remarked that everyone was equal before the law and there was no difference between missing child of a common man and that of the prime minister or the inspector general of police. He added that every citizen enjoyed equal fundamental rights.

He had also observed that in order to prevent future enforced disappearances, those responsible for the crime should be awarded exemplary punishment.

It was October 21, 2016 when ministry of interior had submitted a report before the IHC that the 15 departments working under the ministry had denied involvement in abduction of Sajid. The ministry had suggested the court that the petitioner should pursue her case in the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearance.

In August 2016, station house officer of Shalimar Police Station Fayyaz Ranjha had informed the IHC that the vehicle in which Sajid was kidnapped looked to be a government vehicle. Previously, an SP had also submitted a report with conclusion that the case of Sajid appeared to be of enforced disappearance.