With the recent debates about womanhood inundating our social media news feed and spiraling around to create the buzz of inclusion, I am forced to march in only on terms that I have secluded my gender and am including my voice as the only reasonable identity that would rationalize the feminism hysteria. The debate on whether or not women deserve a single day to commemorate and embrace their womanhood is itself trivial for a nation that is shadowed under the shield of Islam, situating it to a crescendo where as a daughter she becomes a gateway to heaven, as a wife she facilitates her counterpart towards completion of deen and as a mother the heavens are placed under her feet. Would a single day suffice for her struggles, battle and endeavors that come in with raising a family? I believe a single day is too less of a reward to even ask for, you equitable females!

As the nation cries at the tyranny and injustice practiced from all other ends, the “misses” miss out on the dignity and respect associated and attributed to being born as females, to the preferential treatment received in queues and to the homage and honor paid for being just females, and nothing more. Being female comes at a cost when we thrive to compete or juxtapose ourselves with the population of men around, without realizing that we as “women” have an additional wow power added to the male kit that makes us way more dignified than them. Then why place ourselves in a competition, when we are blessed in guise for who we are? Sufficiently whole and abundantly complete.

The wrongful glorification of standing up for equal rights is calling out a for an unassailable battle of rights, by choosing the wrong and being advocates of a movement that undermine her role in all aspects of life and wishing to emerge out of it victorious. Women, who know their worth can trace through history and recall how the birth of a female was regarded as an act of degradation, a symbol of shame coupled with the prevalent exhibition of infanticide to the peak and how Islam cleansed the menace to uplift the status of a weaker sex by placing ‘her’ as an insignia over ‘him’, honoring her with more pride and prestige.

The ultimate success lies not in winning every battle of equality and justice but rather in reclaiming our worth and position sparked with essential rays of dignity by simply knowing who we are, as some battles are won without defeating the enemies and in this particular case what is being taken as an enemy is the very majesty delegated to serve as a combo against all odds.

Let not the throngs of feminism drag you away, and make you give up on your prestige. Let not the voices push you to ascribe to the decay of bigotry. You are far and beyond the role of a victim, more worthy than a tragic headline, and more costly than any staggering statistic and above all a standard that the creator’s love is compared with. Know your worth is more than any march or performance can ever give.

I am-powered because I am a woman!