ISLAMABAD                  -           She has essentially spent her life growing up in front of the camera. And Billie Faiers & Greg Shepherd worry about their daughter Nelly, five, being ‘overexposed’ recent episode of The Mummy Diaries. The concerned parents, aged 30 and 33, also fret about whether filming for their ITV2 family show is affecting Nelly at school. In a new spoiler clip, it sees Billie have a heart-to-heart with husband Greg where she reveals she has been approached by someone to create Nelly her own YouTube channel.

And despite Greg saying that it would be ‘unbelievable’, Billie quickly shuts down the idea and adds: ‘No, I just don’t know. Again, I don’t want her to be overexposed.’ She continues: ‘Nelly with her school commitment, clubs she does after school, even trying to get her to do her homework sometimes is a struggle.’