ISLAMABAD - British High Commission­er Dr Christian Turner yesterday paid tribute to the women parliamentar­ians of Pakistan as part of a series of events held to mark International Wom­en’s Day.

The British High Com­mission arranged a forum bringing together eight women parliamentarians - from a range of parties and regions - to discuss and share their stories as political leaders.

The discussion focused around three thematic areas: Gender Inclusiv­ity, Women Leadership and Enabling Environ­ment; and was attended by members of the Na­tional Assembly Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq, Sen­ator Sitara Ayaz, Mehnaz Aziz, Andleeb Abbas, Maleeka Bokhari, Shunila Ruth, Nafisa Shah and Naz Baloch.

The British High Com­missioner, Dr Christian Turner, said: “There is no prosperous future in Pakistan without giv­ing women a voice and choice. I have met many brilliant Pakistani wom­en and I’m impressed by their stories of re­silience, hard work and creativity.”

He added: “As the Brit­ish High Commissioner, I plan to use my time here to promote the UK’s com­mitment to advance gen­der equality. I will work to ensure that more wom­en in Pakistan are heard and have voice in deci­sion-making; I will work to get more girls into schools – and support financial inclusion of women, be­cause an equal world is an enabled world.