ISLAMABAD                  -         Whether you’re in a hurry, busy checking your messages or chatting with a friend, it seems to be a common occurrence for riders to leave behind their personal belongings at the end of their Uber rides. While the retrieval of these lost items from Uber cars is quite easy, a newly released Lost & Found Index from Uber offers interesting insights on the kind of items most frequently forgotten by passengers. According to the Lost & Found Index covering the MENAP region (Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan), Saturday has been the most forgetful day of the week for passengers, while the afternoon is reportedly the time of day when a majority of these incidents occur in Pakistan. Lahore has been stated to be the most forgetful city in Pakistan, followed closely by Karachi and Islamabad. In addition to that, November 30th, 2019 was the day on which the most number of lost-item cases were reported to Uber from all over the country. Clothing items, cellphones, cards, bags, documents, sunglasses, keys, shoes, household items and devices like headphones and speakers made it to the top of the list of most commonly left behind possessions in cars. More interestingly, the Index also lists down a number of unusual items left behind in Uber cars by passengers, including stethoscopes, bridal dresses, walking sticks, dentures, wall clocks, X-ray scans and pillow covers.

As compared to earlier data, the past year has seen newer kinds of items accidentally abandoned in Uber rides. With the fast-paced lives of large metropolitan cities of Pakistan, the chances of individuals forgetting their belongings in a ride might be high, but it isn’t something to worry about with Uber’s professional and courteous partner drivers.