ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - The coalition government wants the restoration of the deposed judges and independence of the judiciary only through legal procedure, PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said Sunday. Talking to BBC, he said the deposed judges would be reinstated for which modalities are being worked out as the coalition 'government does not want to indulge in any illegal course to rectify another illegal act, he said. "We can't do another illegal act for setting one illegal work right. The compromise and conciliation demand giving due respect to each other's views." PPP's coalition partners are looking for something for which the law ministry thinks it is not legal, he said. There was absolute harmony on the issue of reinstatement of deposed judges among the allied parties in the government, but the difference lied in which procedure be adopted. "We are talking about reconciliation and rehabilitation of the whole country including the judges reinstatement in a way that nobody loses the job. We will increase the strength of the Supreme Court judges." Regarding his personal relationship with the President he denied having the same but added that the Prime Minister and the government has working relationships with the President. He said his (Zardari's) lack of relationship with the President does not pose any problem to government's functioning. He said he took charge of PPP in difficult circumstances and he was following the towering personality of Ms Benazir Bhutto who still dominates country's politics despite her assassination. To a question he said "There happens to be an element of fragility in the coalition government, but no one wants elections soon and it is hoped that the allied parties' ties would remain alright." He said in his view, the biggest challenge confronting the country is poverty and future of the 180 million Pakistanis. Zardari stressed that the ongoing process of reconciliation and understanding in the country demands that the country should move forward while respecting each other's views. About his talks with PML(N) leader Nawaz Sharif, He said both parties are talking about rehabilitation of the whole country including the restoration of judges in a way that nobody loses his job.