This is with reference to Javed Hussein's article titled 'Never again'. I agree with him that army should never come again but we must analyse to understand that the fault is not that of the army, but of some individuals. Army never elected or selected any general to be the president of Pakistan. I think, there is a planned move to defame the army. Since the new Army Chief took over, the army is being kept away from politics/ politicians. But some people are still mudslinging on the army to create rift between the army and the people. President Bush has declared that next 9/11 would originate from FATA so the NATO forces in Afghanistan want to march inside Pakistan because Pakistan Army is not doing enough. L.K Advani talks about Indo-Pak federation. Ayesha Siddiqua is emphasizing on cutting the defence budget and, after shedding the uniform, Brigadier Javed also wants to be part of this game. Is this a coincidence or segments of a big drama/game? No nation can survive with out having strong defence. All the major players of the world are strengthening their armed forces and we are trying to weaken ours. Mistakes were committed by the individuals, who should be held responsible but blame should not be thrown on institutions. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 26.