The two major political allies PPP and PML-N have finally decided to agree to disagree on restoration of pre and post Nov 03 judiciary. PML-N puts its weight behind the deposed judges whereas PPP takes the stand of retaining all the judges who have taken oath before and on Nov 03. Though the stance of the two parties is totally diametrically opposite to each other on the restoration of judges but political compulsion is forcing them to remain strange bedfellows then to part ways. PML-N's adamant stance on restoration of Nov 02 judges is creating political uncertainty and providing ammunition to their opponents to spread rumours about dismantling of the coalition government that was in first place was cobbled together because it was serving and benefiting the two main political allies who only a few years ago where at each others throats. There is more at stake in political terms for Nawaz Sharif than for Asif Ali Zardari in the resolution of judicial crisis. Nawaz Sharif had made it abundantly clear that he will not compromise on the issue. He is so aggressive and adamant that he even took oath from the those parliamentarians who had won seats on national and provincial assembly seats on party tickets that they would not sit comfortably unless they restore the judiciary to Nov 2 position. The time and attention that the judicial crisis is consuming on airwaves and print media is unbelievable. It is not serving any purpose except engaging millions of Pakistani into a futile exercise which could be solved after more urgent matters like food shortages, inflationary trend, and power crisis and dwindling foreign exchange reserves. The citizens in this land of the pure had, in fact, many hopes and aspirations that, with the new government after taking oath would get down to brass tacks of attending towards improving the health of the economy. Instead the new government is bogged down on judicial issues but is also involved in a "blame game". It perhaps have lost track of galloping inflation, food shortages and its smuggling, burgeoning trade and fiscal deficits leading to the weakening of our currency, unemployment etc. Moreover, they are focusing on another one-point agenda, viz restoration of the deposed judges. All because of the adamant attitude of one coalition political party, the matter is being compounded with each passing day. Lawyers with their own vested interests have lost track of their foremost ethical and legal and obligatory duty to their clients and are busy on the roads and in their press conferences and threatening the writ of the state through agitation and short and long marches. One doubt whether these lawyers have ever pursued their other clients' cases as devotedly and fervently as the present one in their lifetime, barring exception to honest and devoted lawyers. It is time for the incumbent government to start devoting its entire energies to its avowed task of resolving the masses basic and day-to-day problems on which basis only the future electorate will cast their vote. The budget is on the anvil, and the government should also sincerely see how best it could deliver a people-friendly and economy-growth budget which can mitigate the looming grave crisis of the teeming millions. A number of quick measures should be taken to put the economy back on the track. It should all start with stopping the rupee losing further against other string foreign currencies .It would be good import if all non essential and costly imported items mostly falling in the luxury list is topped at the earliest. Second step should be to create business friendly environment sharply focused on developing agriculture sector.