LAHORE - Caring and Serving Health (CSH) Pharmacy is a new addition to the chain of pharmacies functioning in the government as well as private sector in the country. The CSH is considered to be another big chain of pharmacies set to launch its project across the country after Fazal Din's Pharma Plus, Fazal Din's & Sons, Guardian, and Pharmex Pharmacy functioning at the government and private sectors for the last several years. Besides these some other pharmacies are also functioning in the government and private hospitals but at a small level. At present Pharmex has the biggest chain of its pharmacies situated at all the major government hospitals of the country. After the Pharmex, the CSH management has decided to open its big branches at all the government hospitals with maximum discount to the patients. The people are generally happy to find new pharmacies meeting international standards where they could purchase quality medicines at the discounted rates. No wonder a lot of people attract towards their outlet in quest of quality medicines which has long been a problem for the general public. The medical community believes that more pharmacies in the government hospitals maintaining international standards are the need of the hour. The competition between these stores will work in favour of the people. It is learnt that the CSH management has decided to launch its project first at public sector and established two big pharmacies in the Mayo Hospital and Jinnah Hospital and then at private sector. The Caring and Serving Health (CSH) is the only pharmacy providing medicines and equipment to the patients at the lowest rates as compared to the others. The CSH Pharmacy believes in serving the humanity by giving maximum services to patients. The CSH has come up with an idea of bringing new culture of pharmacy shops in government institutions by giving maximum relief to the patients. The CSH Pharmacy is carrying out its business in the hospitals by giving substantial discounts as agreed with the hospital administration. All medicines are purchased through approved distributors and dispensed under the supervision of qualified pharmacists round the clock. These pharmacies have been established in the most transparent manner. The CSH opened its branches in the two afore mentioned public hospitals by giving highest bid ever offered in these hospitals. According to Jinnah Hospital administration, the CSH offered Rs 13,077,000 that was almost 62 per cent greater than the last contractor - Sheeraz pharmacy working at 8,200,000. The management of Jinnah Hospital undertook foolproof execution of tender proceedings. The official said that the other participants were given another chance in the negotiation meeting to revise their offers but no body tuned up. Other participants were Sheeraz Pharmacy, Naaz Pharmacy and Akram Brothers. Similarly in the Mayo Hospital Lahore, all the procedures were followed and the CSH won the tender by offering highest bid. In spite of the fact that Mayo Hospital is offering free medicines to all the patients, the CSH constructed the pharmacy shop on its own expense by investing Rs 3 million. A CSH senior officer said that the company had targeted all the major government hospitals of the country and after completing its project at public sector, the more branches will be opened at the private sector.