KARACHI - Today is the first anniversary of May 12 carnage, the day when the country's Chief Justice was not allowed to come out of the Karachi Airport and violence gripped the whole city in which at least 50 people lost their lives, families of whom are still awaiting an inquiry. The May 12 carnage is a deplorable incident of our history, which had pushed the largest city of Pakistan to bloodbath and fires thus claiming dozens of lives. The lawyers, the human right activists and civil society have decided to commemorate this day today (Monday) as a black day. Lawyers maintain that neither the Home Department had any authority to request Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who was scheduled to address SHC Bar function, to postpone his visit nor had police power to stop his procession. On the other hand, the police was duty bound to keep roads clear and unhindered and also to prevent any sort of violence. But everyone had failed miserable and gave free hand to the conspirators to play with the lives of the innocent people. Eventually not only lives were lost and hundreds were left injured but also ethnic riots surfaced, the aftermath of which still persists. The most deplorable aspect of this unlucky incident was that it was declared on the highest level as a show of public power and law-enforcing authorities preferred to keep watching as silent spectators. Meanwhile, lawyers, political parties and civil society organisations are observing Black Day today to protest against the events of May 12, 2007. The legal fraternity has decided to observe complete boycott of court proceedings in Sindh High Court, City Courts and Malir District Court while Sindh High Court Bar Association, Karachi Bar Association and Malir Bar Association will organise general body meetings in their respective bar rooms. KBA will organise a general body meeting where several political leaders, members of Pakistan Bar Council, Sindh Bar Council and Civil Society workers will participate. A rally would also be taken out from Shuhada-e-Punjab Hall City Court and would march through different roads and culminate at Karachi Press Club where several political leaders including Mehmood Khan Achakzai and Liaqaut Baloch would likely to address. KBA General Secretary Naeem Qureshi told that all the arrangements for the meeting and rally have been finalised and also appealed the lawyers, civil society workers and political workers to actively participate in the rally. He said May 12 was a Black Day in the entire history of Pakistan when more than 50 people were killed through a fascist act. The general body meeting of SHCBA would likely to be addressed by SHCBA President Rashid Rizvi and others. Rizvi told The Nation that May 12 carnage was a pre-planned conspiracy against the struggle of lawyers but legal fraternity foiled that conspiracy through their unity and commitment and now the culprits of the incident want to wash their sin. Malir Bar Association will also organise a general body meeting to commemorate the sacrifice of the people who died for the cause of freedom of judiciary. While different civil society organisations would also hold rallies, seminars and meetings to show solidarity with the lawyers' movement and pay tribute for the martyrs of May 12. Labour Party has announced to organise a ceremony in this regard and also lit the candles at Karachi Press Club. APP adds: PML-N Nawaz Sahrif said on Sunday that the blood of those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of judiciary on May 12 in Karachi would not go waste. Not only the deposed judges would be restored with dignity but people who were responsible for killing innocents would be brought to justice', said Nawaz Sharif in his message to commemorate May 12 tragedy in Karachi. He said after the February 18 polls, a new Pakistan has come into being and we would not let it become prey of dictatorship and conspiracies. Lawyers, activists of civil society, political parties, common men and the media would protect the democracy and judiciary,' he said. He said that May 12 incident has maligned the image of Pakistan but despite the passage of one year, no proper investigation has been conducted into the incident. Nawaz Sharif said that the dignity of the judiciary can be protected only in the way if the deposed judges are reinstated.