KARACHI - The gangs of young thieves have introduced a new way to rob by using monkeys, The Nation has learnt. The robbers have trained their monkeys who climb the walls and unlock the entrance doors of the houses, and let them to rob the inmates. Sources told that such robberies have been committed in Landhi, Malir, and in some parts of Korangi. This new trick is gaining popularity in robbers' fraternity and various gangs have started training monkeys for this purpose. In past the robbers used a reptile animal, which was famous for its grip over certain things, for stealing. And now the monkeys have got an important job to do because they do all that silently which is a key factor in committing a successful robbery. This is an alarming situation for the police department, which is headed by Dr Shoaib Suddle, who is a PhD in criminology. One of the residents of Malir told The Nation that this trend was observed half month ago when some locals of the area had been robbed through this trick. This trick usually works in those areas, which are densely populated. Thus, people find it difficult to cope with the new situation. Another source told that this trend is receiving a good response as lot of robbers have purchased monkeys and start giving them training. This is an issue of serious concern because it is observed in those areas where there has no proper security system.