PAKISTANI officials are expected in Australia soon seeking to buy equipment including unmanned surveillance aircraft to help patrol country's mountainous and porous border with Afghanistan, reports The equipment request was made during a visit to Islamabad by Australian Defence Force chief Angus Houston, who was also asked to provide Pakistani personnel with training in sophisticated counter-terrorism techniques and a range of security equipment used by the ADF, police and immigration officials. After talks with members of Pakistan's armed forces, Air Chief Marshal Houston confirmed to The Age that the Pakistani officers were particularly keen to obtain the Scan Eagle pilotless reconnaissance aircraft Boeing builds in Australia. The tiny aircraft is fitted with cameras that can be used by night or day and has proven successful when used by Australian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. "It provides a very effective way to see what's on the other side of the hill without getting your head shot off," a veteran soldier told The Age. Air Chief Marshal Houston said that because Afghanistan was landlocked, Australia relied heavily on sea, air and land access through Pakistan for its troops and equipment. "For a long time, they've been a very important partner in our endeavours in Afghanistan," he said. He said there could well be great benefit in having Pakistan engaged with Australia's defence industries. "We think engagement with Pakistan is a vital part of getting the right outcomes in Afghanistan."