ISLAMABAD - Apart from judicial parleys between players of  awful political game abroad, and the  interpretations being made by analysts about the coming times in our national history that is already replete with tragedies and repentance, the fears among the masses who had taken a deep sigh of relief on February 18, are again soaring with every passing day. People, either in the streets or sitting in their cozy drawing rooms just exhibit one worry, and that is about the obstinate existence of judicial controversy. "Enough is enough", said Ibrahim a dweller of the capital who wished the winding up of exhausting row. "If the leaders cannot settle the issue they should provide a psychiatrist to every citizen of the country as the endless conflict has turned the nation mentally sick", he observed. He said that persistent judicial crisis had introduced a kind of clinical depression in the life of every sensible citizen of the country. This is Sobia, a student of computer science, having low proclivity towards political affairs of the country but says, "Either the judges be restored without any further delay or the leaders incapable to fulfil the pledge come forward to flatly refuse in doing so, but this pain of waiting must cease now". "If the deposed judges are not restored, another episode of violence would erupt with gory scenes of blood and baton on the Constitution Avenue", feared Fahad, another student, and continued, "I beg to politicians to kindly shed their mutual differences for the sake of poor people."   Inflation-stricken Hashim was crazily denouncing the unnecessary procrastination in settling the dispute with these words, "People are worried about flour, electricity and soaring prices, while the leaders are still entangled in hours-long fruitless negotiations".  He observed that people were fed up with the prevailing political turmoil in the country. "Now the people want the immediate solution of their sufferings and if this government too, like its predecessors, failed to accomplish its promises, no one knows where would the country land", he held.      "I have come to the conclusion that nothing would change here in our country and people would continue to put new hopes with new governments but with a tragic end always", said Shahid Malik. He was of the opinion that the perception of rising new dawn in Pakistan was not more than a deception. "When the aspirations of millions of people are crushed under feet and the decision makers follow their own brain waves, it becomes a blunder on part of masses to indulge in day dreaming", he lamented.   Athar Chohan, exhibiting his grave concerns over judicial impasse between PPP & PML-N, termed it the most disappointing. "If the winds will continue blowing in the same direction they would definitely uproot the remaining peace of millions of Pakistanis". With agony in his eyes, he advised the rulers to shun personal interests for the sake of helpless citizens of the country. "If the government fails to deliver this time as it seems then no one would believe in the hollow slogans of politicians in future", he claimed.     "I fear another security upheaval in Pakistan if the partners of ruling coalition failed to reach any consensus", said Nadeem, adding that countrywide lawyers movement in collaboration with APDM and civil society would turn the country into a battlefield. He said with apprehension in his voice tune that the capital was going to watch another spell of blood-and-guts movement.