LONDON/ISLAMABAD - The London talks between PPP and PML-N on resolving the contentious issue of restoring judiciary have ended in a deadlock on Sunday with the coalition government now on the verge of collapse. The ruling coalition held further intense negotiations in their last- ditch efforts to resolve the thorny issue but achieved no breakthrough with each side refusing to budge from its stated position. The PML-N delegation on its return home on Monday (today) will formally announce its next line of action at the Central Executive meeting being held in Islamabad. After two days of fruitless talks in the British capital, the leaders of the two parties entered into the third day still locked into intense negotiations in a bid to break the impasse that has threatened to break up the two-months-old coalition government. The third round of negotiations were held soon after the US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher met both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. The fresh round involved Shahbaz Sharif and Khawaja Muhammad Asif from PML-N side while Rahman Malik and Hussein Haqqani represented PPP. Emerging from the talks, the respected leaders spoke of their failure to reach a consensus on the key question of modalities of reinstating the sacked judges of the Supreme Court. After the negotiations, Shahbaz said that disagreement persisted on some points. Hussain Haqqani, the negotiator from PPP, said that a spirit of reconciliation was still there. "If May 12 deadline passes, even then it won't mean that advancement is not possible, Haqqani said. Commenting on meeting with Bourcher, Nawaz Sharif said, "Neither he gave us any suggestion, nor did we ask him for any. He had requested me to give him time, so the meeting was held and he talked to me. We talked on national and bilateral affairs. The process of talks has always been going on. This session does not mean that we shall make decisions on US dictation," he further said. A Pakistani mediaman who was present outside Nawaz Sharif's residence in the posh area of London, reports that Boucher was accompanied by another US official. The correspondents present there tried to speak to Boucher but they could not succeed. Talking to reporters, Nawaz expressed his disappointment over the failed outcome of the talks with the ruling coalition partner PPP on the issue of judiciary and said the entire nation feels unhappy over it. He said, "There is a deadlock which we have not been able to resolve despite our sincere efforts. I think every Pakistani is disappointed over the outcome of these talks. "We have been holding these talks for the last one and a half month but these still remain inconclusive although we are committed through the Murree Agreement that both parties will together pass a resolution to restore the judges. The judges have not been restored, which of course is disappointing." Nawaz said he would hold meetings today (Monday) in Pakistan of his party's both parliamentary and the Central Working Committee to take the members into confidence and decide the future action. He said his party had worked till the last minute to keep the coalition intact besides reinstatement of the sacked judges but they could not reach any consensus. "We want dignified and honourable return of the sacked judges." The PML-N leader said in the Murree Declaration, it was agreed to restore the judges within 30 days and it was extended by 12 more days to reach some kind of a consensus decision. Soon after his talks with the media, the PML-N leader accompanied by Shahbaz Sharif and Khawaja Muhammad Asif left for the Heathrow Airport to depart for Pakistan at the end of their short stay in the British capital. Sources in PML-N told TheNation that the PML-N ministers will quit the Federal Cabinet on Tuesday. Maqbool Malik from Islamabad adds: PML-N, the second major partner in the coalition government, will evolve its future course in the light of outcome of London talks during the meeting of its Central Working Committee (CWC) and Parliamentary Party (PP) here today (Monday). PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and President Shahbaz Sharif will apprise the party members about the outcome of their series of talks with PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari in London to meet May 12 deadline for the restoration of deposed judges. Party sources told TheNation that various options are on the table to tackle the situation that cropped up after both the signatories of Murree Accord had reportedly failed to achieve any breakthrough on restoration of the deposed judges. "Our leaders are on their way to Pakistan to evolve party's future course in the outcome of London talks," a party's central leader said, adding that there were various options including quitting the federal cabinet. Without divulging details, the source also hinted at other options the party was working on to deal with new situation. He reminded that PML-N joined the federal cabinet with the condition that the coalition government would restore the deposed judges in the light of Murree Accord and Charter of Democracy. "We can forgo central as well as Punjab governments for the greater national cause," another central leader of the party said, adding there was no justification for sitting in government after its failure to restore the deposed judges. "It will deal serious blow to party's credibility if it continues with same old policy." However, he maintained it was still premature to comment on the party's future line of action ahead of CWC and PP combined meeting. "You can't predict about the political developments in such fluid situation," he added. Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shabaz Sharif are expected to reach federal capital Monday afternoon to chair CWC and PP combined meeting.