KABUL (AFP) - US-led and Afghan troops killed several insurgent fighters in a series of operations across Afghanistan over the weekend, including one targeted at bomb-makers, the forces said Sunday. Another eight militants were killed in the operations against "anti-government militants" in southern and eastern Afghanistan, the US-led coalition said in a statement. Operations in Khost province on the eastern border with Pakistan were aimed at people involved in a bombing that killed at least two people earlier this year and the kidnapping and murder of another in December, it said. "During the course of the operation in Khost province, several armed militants were killed when they attacked the joint force," it said. Eight people were arrested, including the head of the cell, and various weapons seized. Separately, soldiers in the southernmost district of Garmser were "threatened" by militants during a search for Taliban insurgents linked to foreign rebels and weapons smuggling, it said. Coalition forces responded with fire, killing several men, it said. The Afghan army announced separately its soldiers, working with NATO troops, had killed seven Taliban in two separate raids in eastern Paktia province, army spokesman Mohammad Gul told AFP. The same day, three Taliban militants were killed after Afghan troops backed by NATO gunship helicopters attacked them in the neighbouring province of Khost, a troubled region on the Pakistani border, Gul said. Four other militants, one of whom was wounded, were captured, Gul said. "We suffered no casualties in those operations," he said.