PUNJAB'S decision to call for a special audit of all the 35 district governments of the province seems to be correct in view of the widespread evidence of a massive misuse of funds by the nazims, particularly in the months preceding the general elections. Official resources were lavishly spent to curry favour with the public in a bid to ensure that the then ruling coalition's candidates were returned. The caretaker administration, which turned out to be a mere supine follower of the preceding PML(Q)-led government, adopted a laid-back attitude and let the district nazims use transport, manpower and finances as they liked, notwithstanding the daily hue and cry raised by the opposition parties as well as those sections of the public which wanted the polls to be free and fair in all manner of their conduct. The Punjab government has, therefore, approached the Auditor General of Pakistan, to undertake the large-scale exercise to put the record straight. Although the AGP has a tough job to do in finding qualified manpower to conduct the audit covering 35 district governments, his spokesman has let it be known that the work will start immediately. So far no other provincial govt has come up with a similar request. While under the circumstances special audit is a legitimate proposition, the provincial government should take particular care that there is no taint of victimisation. Unfortunately, there are reports that quite a few postings and transfers, not required by administrative considerations, are taking place even at the lower rungs of local bodies. Efforts should be made to improve the system by eliminating its shortcomings instead of adopting a policy that smacks of revenge.