PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said that his meeting with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari in London was fruitless and said that the talks on the thorny issue of judges reinstatement in UK had pushed them beyond Dubai round. In an interview with BBC, Nawaz said said he had come to London not for any negotiations but for the treatment of his wife; Asif Zardari arrived here and talks were held. Responding to a question, he said "Zardari had authorised me to announce the reinstatement of judges on May 12 through a resolution." He opined that the meeting between him and Zardari was fruitless and it had pushed both the parties even beyond Dubai talks. In reply to another question about the alliance with PPP, he said that the alliance had come into being on the day when he and Benazir Bhutto had signed the Charter of Democracy. "Now it is time to implement the Charter and we should not keep distance from it." He also added that "Musharraf himself had admitted that he had done illegal acts on Nov 3; what laws are we looking for now to reinstate the judges?" Answering a question about Sherry Rahman's statement about him, he said that constitutional package had not been mentioned in Murree Declaration. It rather provides for clean and fair reinstatement of judges through a resolution. Everything is clear before the nation, he said. He said there was no imminent danger of breaking of coalition, but if it happens, it would be shocking. Monitoring Desk APP adds: PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif Sunday admitted a deadlock over judiciary issue and said there were some differences between the two coalition partners in terms of implementation of Murree Declaration. Talking to APP he said, 'unfortunately there was a deadlock, however, we would wait till May 12. As on 12th we would have our Parliamentary Party meeting combined with Central Working Committee of PML-N, where in the light of Dubai and London discussions we would deliver the judiciary issue in formulate of our policy'. Replying to a question to quit the coalition government he said, 'I cannot say at this point and time. We would wait till 12 and we are bound by 12th May. May by there is some development and may be we are able to iron out these differences,' he added. Shahbaz said deadlock was basically on the implementation of resolution. 'Our understanding is very clear that judges should be restored and made functional by a notification'. We had shown flexibility to accept those judges who took oath under PCO that was totally unconstitutional and illegal but accepted them for a much larger cause that was the restoration of judiciary. We would accept them as adhoc-judges if deposed judges and CJ were restored', he added.