This judge word has become more of a bug word in Pakistan these days. You go to officers, public or private, or any where else the only question under discussion would be the prose and cons of the judge issue. People over here are also getting more and more into relating the judge issue with pretty much everything important that occurs around them. For instance one of my dear friends got engaged on the very day the Chief Judge was initially sacked. It was the ill-fated 9th day of March' 07. Even the engagement turned out to be quite a jinx, not for my friend but for her fianc, obviously. If my Intel is correct, one of the leading TV-show hosts got here liposuction, perhaps the third in a year, on the same day. Of course no names. My neighbor lost his grandpa on the day the deposed judges where restored by the Supreme Court. A distant cousin, (who doesn't believe in distances) got indulged into a terrible police case and is not at all distant from me any more even since This happened a day before Musharraf imposed Emergency on the 3rd of November' 07. The Bhoorban Accord in a way claimed the lives of two young swimmers who drowned in the Ravi, the same day. One of them happened to be my watchman's nephew. A provincial minister along with a couple of staffers escaped a terrible fire in his office on the day the lawyer's count-down ended in a fiasco. This dancer-turned minister is said to have a vast experience as a circus dancer. His skills as a performer at a local "Death Well", (Mot Ka Koona) shall always be remembered in the history of political development in Pakistan. What an amazing country, isn't it? My wife lost her national ID card( perhaps the 12th ever since I have been knowing her), on the day the Dubai Debacle took place and she attributes the tragedy to nothing but the judge issue for she diagnosed depression as the major cause of her blankness that day which resulted in the loss of NIC.Better and better. And last but not least, yesterday Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Federal minister for Water and Power, had a narrow escape in a helicopter accident. This happened on the day the London Talks between Asif Zardaari and Nawaz Sharif failed. Mr. Raja would probably remember the day with a kid of mixed feelings. Let's see what happens on the 12th of this May (today) as the last one was horribly eventful. Qazi Hussain Ahmed along with a bunch of other boycotters have called for protest relies to remember the Karachi Carnage that took place a year ago. But the media would keep the focus on Nawaz Sharif presiding over a crucial meeting of the Central Executive Committee of PML-N Islamabad. As the rumor would have it, the PML-N is all set for a final break away from the coalition. Apparently that's the only logical epilogue to the Saga, but I really can't ignore the round of talks that has been scheduled between Asif Zardaari and Shehbaz Sharif in London, sometime today. My sources relate this last-ditch effort to the peace of his mind that Richard Boucher seems to have given to one of the leaders last night. The PML-N government in Punjab has been able to unfold so much in so little, that Shehbaz Sharif would think a million times before calling it a day. In case of a break away, a rather dismayed Nawaz Sharif and all other hard-liners in the camp would, make sure that Asif Zardaari has to go hand-in-hand with the Q-League. What a revenge it would be really A man lying on the operation table whispered to his wife; "In case I don't make it, you must marry this surgeon". "But why?" exclaimed the wife. "You think I would let the rascal go scot-free?" whispered the man again