THE US Special Forces massacred a family in Khataba, Afghanistan, on February 12, after it celebrated the birth of a baby boy, which would not prove the first example of its kind. There have been previous examples of occupation forces slaughtering civilians, but the attempts by the occupying Americans chain of command, to portray the incident as one of Taliban killing of civilians is brutally shameful. This incident does not just show that the occupying forces have no compunction about killing Afghans, which has been proved by earlier incidents, but that killing civilians is an integral part of the US strategy in future, especially after the coming troop surge. This is not just a freak fear, but based upon US behavior in Iraq, where a troop surge was followed by a wholesale slaughter of Iraqi civilians. The slaughter was carried out by US Special Forces. The Special Forces have shown themselves not just as racists, which was well known, but also as imperialists. However, instead of being withdrawn from the theatre as unfit to operate there, more are scheduled to be inducted in the coming surge. The incident cannot conceal the fact that the Afghan resistance is gaining in strength, support and is winning victories. The USA is already acquainted with the only possible solution: the withdrawal of all occupying forces from Afghanistan. However, its insistence on controlling that country after its withdrawal is both typical and impossible. The least it can do is make sure that its withdrawal is not indelibly linked with a series of bloodbaths of civilians. To show its commitment to that goal, it should begin its withdrawal with the units guiltiest of this, the Special Forces. At the same time, it must make sure that the guilty are brought to trial. Without this, the apologies being made by the USA will not yield results, and will not result in the acceptance of the lies they are attempting to spread. Otherwise, the slaughter of civilians wherever the Special Forces are stationed, including the home country, will continue.