A controversy is raging in media over the Swiss case in which the SC has asked the government to write a letter to the Swiss courts to reopen the case against President Zardari but the government considers it to be a past and closed matter that cannot be reopened again. The government also holds that the President enjoys indemnity under article 248 and cannot be tried by any court of lawnational or international. The government is also of the view that the cases were politically motivated and as such false. This all leads us to the inevitable confrontation between two of the most important organs of state which is not at all desirable. I have a simple suggestion to make to avoid this confrontation. During the course of its proceedings, the Swiss court had unearthed a sum of 60 or 62 millions dollars in some bank account which were neither accounted for nor claimed by anyone. After the annulment of NRO and withdrawal of the case from Swiss court, that huge amount has probably found its way back again to the original bank account. If no one had indulged in any corruption and none could claim or account for the 60 million dollars, the best course to adopt now would be to reimburse that amount to the state exchequer of Pakistan. The Swiss case, then, need not be reopened. I think it would suit all parties. Apart from saving the government considerable millions that it would have to spend in pursuing the case in Swiss courts for God knows how long, it would be richer by $ 60 million. -COL. (Rtd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, May 11.