ISLAMABAD The judicial and political crises in AJK that apparently seemed to have ended has further deepened the rift among stakeholders with the resignation of Acting Chief Justice Syed Manzoor Gillani and dysfunctional Chief Justice Riaz Akhtar Chaudhry. This rift among the stakeholders may appear in terms of unprecedented developments in the near future, sources from inside informed TheNation. Furthermore the sources revealed that Prime Minister Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilanis had made two decisions. The PM AJK to some extent accepted the first one pertaining to the appointment of new Acting Chief Justice. However, the PM AJK did not welcome the second decision, which was about the formation of new Supreme Judicial Council (SJC). It is pertinent to mention here that Premier AJK had repeatedly been asked and pressurised to announce resignation but the PM after consultation with his aides rejected the option to resign and agreed to do this on the dissolution of AJK Assembly. When the direct beneficiaries bureaucracy, Presidency and Sardar Atiq came to know PMs intention, they assured the PM AJK of their support and requested him to refrain dissolving the Assembly. Protecting their (beneficiaries) interest at the eleventh hour, the heroes of the game, two disputed Chief Justices Manzoor Gillani and Riaz Akhtar Chaudhry, were made scapegoats. As a result they resigned from their posts, the sources informed. The sources pointed out that the resignation of the PM AJK was in the best interest of Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan as he could easily jump into the PM House. On the other hand, the dissolution of Assembly was in the best interest of the sitting PM AJK. By dissolving the Assembly he would remain the PM. Besides this, the upcoming elections would have been held under his supervision, they added. Saving skin and protecting their interests, Presidency, bureaucracy and Sardar Atiq bowed before the smart planning of the PM AJK, sources further maintained. It would be relevant to mention here that the oath-taking ceremony of Acting Chief Justice Khawaja Shahid Ahmed was held here in Kashmir House on Tuesday. The PM AJK and President AJK participated in the ceremony. When this scribe contacted Justice Manzoor Ali Gillani he said, I was to retire by 6th of June 2010. My objective was to remove Justice Chaudhry Riaz Akhtar as he was appointed out of the turn in 2006. I have resigned in the best interest of the territory, he maintained. In reply to a question he said the Government had not offered him any high office as yet. Moreover, even after repeated attempts, Justice Riaz Chaudhry couldnt be contacted. When this scribe contacted the PM AJKs Spokesman Raja Kafeel, he said that ignoring the report of SJC was unlawful. The lawyer leaders of AJK bar were threatening to observe the black day on Wednesday. The option of Assembly dissolution was as per law, he added. To a question he said, minus-two formula was acceptable to the PM AJK. In this regard, brainstorming meeting remained in session for whole day in Kashmir House. He maintained. It is a positive development for us, but indeed not less than defeat for the propagators, he said. To another question, he said political rivals within the party and the authorities in Pakistan gave tough time to the PM AJK. We had made it clear that formation of new SJC would not be acceptable to us at any cost. We warned of something surprising to characters playing behind the scene, he maintained. When contacted President AJK Spokesman Imtiaz Ahmed Butt, he said, The Chairman Kashmir Council had taken the right decision. Now the new Chief Justice is taking oath and the President has the authority to regulate the Acting Chief Justice. To a question he replied, We were expecting the resignation from the PM AJK. But the resignation of the disputed Acting Chief Justice and sacked Chief Justice has normalised the tension, he added.