There was a news item stating White house spokesman declare that Pakistan should share information with America. Coming immediately after the Abbottabad fiasco, this could easily be declared the joke of the year if not the century Americans have no sense of shame or guilt. A Pentagon rep says we do not apologize for our actions. So much for the height of humility and manners We now find that this raid into the territory of an ally was fully backed by adequate force to handle any effort by Pakistan to check the terrorist activity by the state of USA. In other words, the US was prepared for open war with its 'ally for its illegal act. So much for American friendship. We have almost all our TV channels taking on this imbroglio for discussions and dissertations. The whole world now knows that this was a big drama. Most Americans who could be in the know, state that Osama died 5 7 years ago. There has been no proof provided by the Americans that Osama was actually there and was killed in 02 May 2011 raid. Only the US government agencies say so. And we all know that whatever the American government says to the public their own or that at large is always a planned lie. So why is it that all our anchor persons on all channels start with the basic assumption that Osama had been there for the last five years (as the Americans say) and was killed in the high drama raid into Pakistan territory? Why has no one in the media or the politicians or government functionaries challenged the Americans to provide proof that it was Osama who was killed in Abbottabad? Yes, the raid was actually carried out. Yes the territory of Pakistan was intruded into. Yes, Pakistanis were murdered in cold blood by the raiding American Navy Seals. Yes the Americans were ready for a full scale war on Pakistan if their mission was thwarted by Pak forces. And yes, Pakistans President or PM have not uttered a single word so far, against this brazen act by the Americans. These are undeniable facts and their connotations are horrendous. It indicates, in fact adduces, that out President and PM are complicit in this high crime against Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. It also indicates that both these high offices have given a tacit clearance to the Americans for their next phase of operations. When the President of United States, the CIA and Pentagon vomit such blatant lies, its not just an entertainment drama, there have to be some very serious and long ranging aims and goals. We all know that, and what is to be the big target next. And apparently the government has given the clearance for that. The rest of the rhetoric is just hogwash. So what do we do now? There is no point in looking towards the armed forces. They take orders from the Government. And overthrowing this government through Martial Law would play straight into the hands of the Americans who would promptly gear up the already briefed UN, to take military action against Pakistan a la Libya. Knowing our major political parties, they will side with America. So we are in a catch 22 situation. What can we do? Overriding the government, we should, in the interest of Pakistan, close and eliminate all drones bases in our territory and stop all American logistics through Pakistan as they are being used against us. Americans would do the same. That is all we have to do. Let the Afghan freedom fighters free their own country in their own way. At the same time we should hunt down all the terrorists, no matter what their nationalities, and eliminate them all. In this the public need to obtain the assistance of the armed forces and intelligence agencies. I am sure, the agencies will do a swift and marvellous job. AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, May 11.