Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani will undertake a four-day visit to Peoples Republic of China from May 17 against the backdrop of Abbottabad CIA-led operation claiming to have killed Osama bin Laden. Resultantly, the American, Western and Indian media have unleashed a smear campaign against Pakistan Army and national security agency ISI as if they had been protecting OBL. In such a scenario, we have heard two sane and supporting voices from China and Iran. Both have pledged their support for Pakistans sovereignty and territorial integrity. PM Gilanis visit is also part of the celebrations being held in connection with the year of Pakistan-China friendship (2011). The visit would be an important occasion to review progress in bilateral relations achieved and plan to meet challenges facing both the nations. These ties, based on sincerity, have stood the test of time in the real sense of the word; the six past decades had not lessened their mutual understanding, cordiality and friendship, rather moved from strength to strength. At present, especially after the recent visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, Islamabad could proudly claim that Pakistan-China relations are at their highest level. Political and defence ties have developed substantively, while the expansion of economic relations during 2000-2010 could be termed as a decade of institutionalizing Pak-China economic relations. Pakistani leadership as a whole and specifically Premier Gilani, during his upcoming visit should avail this golden opportunity to take Chinese leadership in confidence on all matters of national and international significance and seek their cooperation in getting over our present crisis, and the Americans. Our leadership should take seriously the Chinese advice to visiting Pakistani dignitaries: Do more, talk less and if possible dont talk at all. Because Washington and New Delhi feel uneasy the moment they learn about any new development in Pak China relations. The latest example is a report published in the Times of India criticising Beijings statement pledging full support to Pakistan and lamenting the world communitys callous attitude towards Islamabad in the wake of 'Kill Osama Operation. Mr Prime Minister, go to Beijing with an open heart and share our concerns with your Chinese counterpart who are always more than willing to help Pakistan in any sphere of life. China today is the only pillar on which we can lean and effectively deal with the isolation in which the US is pushing us. Now is the moment to act, before it is too late.