How true is Mahatma Gandhi's quote, in the backdrop of mentality of the people for whom he struggled all his life, “An eye for an eye will turn the world blind”. As the family of Sarabjit Singh mourns his brutal death, at the hands of his Pakistani inmates in a Lahore prison, a tit-for-tat attack on a Pakistani prisoner, Sanaullah in a Jammu jail brings Gandhi' words to life. Sanaullah died on Thursday morning due to multiple organ failure. Pakistani and Indian-Kashmir governments have announced conducting enquires to determine the culprits, but we all know this will be more of an eye wash. Enquiry reports, if ever made public, will be based on 'ifs and buts' in an attempt to justify the hateful acts of violence.

Yes, we know fellow prisoners attacked them both, but do we know who the real culprits are? These apparent-attackers were just zombies, driven by hate mongers of the right wingers in both countries. These right-wingers, not only fool people to gain cheap popularity, but also blackmail respective governments to halt any steps to behaving as civilized countries. Don't we know what Sarabjit and Sanaullah were doing when they were caught; when countries fight proxy wars then make innocent people die?

Perhaps it's time for both countries to review their policies towards prisoners. Hundreds of people are incarnating in either country' jails. Most of them are fishermen who are unable to influence their governments for their release. Those accused in terrorist activities are denied counsel service and they face brutal treatment. Both countries need to come out of the number game and release all the innocent people caught on the borders. All those accused of terrorism shall not be held beyond their stipulated sentences, otherwise we are going to have more of these tit-for-tat madness.


Saudi Arab, May 9.