The bureaucracy of Pakistan is a very funny business as bureaucrats who are ‘Good Guys’ always finish first, they are removed, fired or got rid of easily, in a system which has no checks and balances. During the last government’s tenure, all those bureaucrats who tried to defend the rights of the citizens of Pakistan were unceremoniously removed or transferred to hostile places. The director of DOST was removed when he tried to stop the activities of the uneducated ex-KPK education minister. Even some female government servants were removed from service when they tried to stop the corrupt practices in the KPK ministries.

Similarly a secretary, from the Communication and Works Department(C&W) who had managed quick and efficient reconstruction of KPK bridges and roads after the devastating 2010 floods, and done other good things, was unceremoniously removed because his family was unfortunately affiliated by marriage to the ANP. It is no wonder that the bureaucratic system of KPK is in such bad shape. The SDA has become a corrupt messy institution with literally zero progress in four years. I guess the prestigious C&W is heading towards the same situation. May God help us the citizens of Peshawar?


Thailand, April 30.