I am sure that of all the people in the world, my mother loves me the most, and I also love her from the core of my heart. To me, she is the best among all; she gives selflessly whenever I need, be it love or advice. In fact for me every day is a mothers’ day. When I am ill she spends sleepless nights by my sick-bed. When I get a good position in the exam, she is ecstatic. She has always guided me on the right path, taught me the difference between good and bad and right and wrong.

She has taught me discipline, manners, and instilled in me a sense of duty towards others in the family and in society. She has taught me to love my country and my countrymen. My mother is an ideal woman in my life. I am fortunate to be her son. She is very anxious about my health, my education, and my prosperity. I feel that there is no other person nearer or dearer to me. My mother is my whole world.


Karachi, May 8.