Caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has decided to impose a ban on all government departments and offices using air conditioners from May 15, till the improvement of energy situation in the country. Caretaker government has also appealed to the private sector to cooperate for conservation of energy. For the last many years the nation has been facing energy crises and loadshedding which has now become a national issue.

To solve this national issue we need long and short term strategies, the short term step may be the ban on use of ACs in government offices, but there needs to be more long term plans of building large dams and looking at viable solar energy. This seems a sincere effort by the government which will be help full to some extent; hopefully the superior bureaucracy and other powerful civil servants will cooperate in implementing this order and sacrificing their luxury to facility the nation.


Abbottabad, May 9.