LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that those people who are hindering the process of national development could not be sincere to the nation.
“It is not politics or justice for anyone to bring sons, mothers, infants, students and teachers on the streets in Pakistan while enjoying the cool air in Canada oneself”, he remarked addressing a seminar on the role of journalism in Pakistan’s stability. The seminar was organised by Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists at Alhamra Hall, here on Sunday.
The CM said that he had always taken guidance from the news and analysis of various newspapers and constructive criticism based on truth is the best source for this purpose. He said that media has struggled for freedom of expression and won its rights through sacrifices. He said that journalists have shed their blood and also faced economic sanctions in their struggle. He said that no one could deprive media of its freedom nor should put restrictions on the press.
He said that journalists are associated with a noble profession and could help change the destiny of the nation by using their pens for the elimination of corruption, ignorance, nepotism and oppression from the society.
Shahbaz Sharif said that attack on Hamid Mir was tragic and extremely deplorable. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif immediately after the incident constituted a judicial commission comprising three judges of the Supreme Court so that no one could indulge in allegations or distort the facts. He said the nation expected the judicial commission to bring the facts to light, so that the elements involved in the incident could be exposed. He said that by displaying the picture of ISI chief, enemies of Pakistan were provided an opportunity to malign the country.
He said that it was not a proper attitude and should have been avoided. There is a need to learn a lesson from such incidents and show tolerance and restraint in such a situation as its helps the nation to move forward. He said that though media has achieved freedom after numerous sacrifices and emerged as a strong institution, however, its responsibilities have also increased.
The CM said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N government could be held accountable in next general elections if it failed to come up to the expectations of the people, set up power projects or bring the country out of quagmire of problems. Those protesting against setting up of hospitals and Daanish schools for the poor and establishing energy projects to remove darkness from the country should show mercy to the nation; otherwise the people would be justified to say that such elements have been involved in ball tempering and hampering the process of national progress and development, he added.
“Khan Sahib, this is not cricket but politics and ball tempering is not allowed ,” he observed, adding that he will leave politics forever if corruption of even a single penny was proved against him. “Khan Sahib lives in a palace and I too have a big house, and if Khan Sahib is sincere to the people, he should quit his palace and I’ll also leave my house,” Shahbaz offered.
Shahbaz Sharif further said that a Maulana who has entered into the field of politics for horse-trading is trying to hinder the process of progress and development of Pakistan while enjoying the cool weather of Canada. Similarly, he said, Khan Sahib (Imran Khan), who is a new entrant into politics , is trying to show his sympathy to the poor while sitting in a palace. He said that if these politicians are sincere to the masses, they should give up their luxurious style of living and join the people.
The CM said that Pakistan is passing through the most critical phase of its history and facing energy crises due to the worst negligence of the former rulers. He said had the dictator who raised the slogan of ‘Pakistan First’ completed Diamir Basha Dam, there would not have been power loadshedding.