LAHORE - Pakistan is in dire need of political stability gained through political process because political stability and economic development are intertwined with each other, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo in a statement issued from the party secretariat here on Sunday.
He said that the political parties that were engaged in the politics of agitation should be mindful of the dangers it entailed to the continuity of the democratic process and its unforgiving cost to the nation as a consequence.
Wattoo said the major responsibility of saving the system from the possible dangers was on the shoulder of PTI Chairman who had given the call for the protest.
Wattoo observed it would have been ideal if the nation would be celebrating the May 11 as the one more year of the functioning and consolidation of democracy instead of this hullabaloo.
He said Pakistan People’s Party and its leadership was behind the democratic system and would continue its support to Nawaz Sharif’s government for the same reason and also stopping the dictatorship to take the reign of the country again because the country could not afford its aftermaths any more.
He said it was heartening that Pakistani nation had taken the ownership of democracy , freedom of judiciary and freedom of media which was immensely reassuring for the future of democracy in the country.
Wattoo observed the country was embroiled in multiple dangers posing existential threat and as such requisite vigilance and prudence was expected from the political leadership to ward off such dangers.
These are the times that all the political leadership should put its acts together and frustrate the enemies of democracy who were out there with vengeance, he cautioned.